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Een nieuwe applicatie bouwen? Een bestaande optimaliseren? Migreren naar een nieuwe stapel? Wij doen het allemaal.

Of u nu uw bedrijfsidee wilt omzetten in een mobiele applicatie of een bestaande app wilt optimaliseren om de extra belasting aan te kunnen - wij bij Enkonix kunnen uw vertrouwde partners zijn om u te helpen uw doelen te bereiken.

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Wij helpen u bij het bouwen van op maat gemaakte, hoogwaardige applicaties ter ondersteuning van complexe bedrijfsprocessen en unieke gebruikersvereisten. Ons team van experts is bekwaam in het analyseren van bedrijfsdoelen om ervoor te zorgen dat tijdens de ontwikkeling rekening wordt gehouden met elk bedrijfsproces.

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Grocery Giant

Grocery Giant is a startup which makes grocery shopping much easier for both, customers and vendors. The platform allows buyers to get detailed information about grocery shops, availability of goods in them and the sellers can easily understand clients’ preferences.

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Augmented Review

New York based startup Augmented Rеview was founded with the purpose to revolutionize the way designers, architects and 3D artists collaborate when working on three-dimensional artworks with other people.

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Custom Software Development Approach



* Komplet gennemsigtighed
* Dedikeret Business Manager, der forstår teknologi
* Gensidig aftalt tid og budget
* Komplet kontrol over produktdesign
* Uovertruffen kvalitet
* Optimering af præproduktlancering (inklusive SEO, kildekode og platform)
Custom Software Development Advantages

Stakeholders are happy with Enkonix’s work, citing their contribution to the business’ growth over the years. The team is highly responsive and communicative. More importantly, they serve as a true partner to the client.

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Why Your Business Needs a Custom App Development?

Custom mobile app development has become a critical enabler of enterprise digital transformation. This is because custom app development offers a personalized user experience, resulting in better client engagement and higher returns on investment. A recent Statista report predicted that by the end of 2020, the number of mobile app downloads was 280 billion, up from 140 billion downloads in 2016. These numbers clearly project the growth of mobile apps and highlight their usability for both businesses and individual users.  

This article provides insights into how businesses can leverage mobile solutions to improve efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance brand awareness, engage customers, and more. It also discusses why it’s important to choose the right type of mobile solution based on a business’s unique requirements.

There are several reasons why businesses should consider developing mobile solutions. Here are a few of the benefits of custom mobile apps for businesses:  

Enhanced Workflows and Productivity

Custom apps are built with specific business requirements in mind, so they integrate crucial functions for better team collaboration. With business requirements in mind, custom applications are developed to simplify information exchange, streamline processes and optimize tasks, thereby increasing staff productivity. 

Apps Improve Accessibility

A custom application creates a direct channel between enterprises and their end-users. Through the mobile application, customers can access relevant information in the palm of their hand. Besides this, businesses also leverage efficient and targeted marketing through push notifications for quick surveys, random promotions, or other calls to action.

Custom Apps Enhance Customer Engagement

A custom app may include exclusive features such as chatbots and help desks support, which simplifies a businesses’ engagement with customers. Apps also ensure consistency in the presentation of products since they are built for a seamless user experience. Additionally, macro-data of customer engagement and behaviour are one of the key stats that businesses can benefit from customized mobile applications.

Helps You Build a Stronger Brand

Through providing awareness and recognition, a well-developed custom application enables a business to promote itself as a stronger brand. Application development companies rely on unique yet seamless UX/UI designs to ensure that users are well engaged, and have no room for complaint. An effective mobile app also makes it easier for prospects to learn more about a business and what it has to offer, thereby increasing conversion rates and boosting ROI.

Applications Offer High Scalability

Custom applications are built to follow the exact scope of business. Developers create the app to address specific requirements, then scale it as needed to cover different use-cases. 

Optimally designed mobile apps are highly scalable and require minimal hardware or software infrastructure as compared to websites or SaaS solutions.

Choosing the Right Mobile Application Type

The first step towards building an effective mobile strategy is deciding what kind of device you plan to target. At Enkonix, we offer an end to end mobile app development service, including :

Mobile Web-based Mobile Apps 

Applications that run on a browser without the need to download an executable file or install any software onto the device. These applications may require some form of user interaction such as clicking buttons or scrolling through pages. Examples include Facebook's Messenger chatbot and Google Maps Street View.

Native Mobile Apps

These applications are built to work natively on one platform. Such an app can be developed specifically for Android, iOS or Windows, and usually offer better performance than web-based apps due to being compiled with the operating system APIs instead of relying on HTML5/JavaScript. One of the biggest advantages of native application development is that it optimizes user experience, enabling teams to build quick and intuitive apps. Examples include WhatsApp, Instagram, Uber, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

The development of such applications relies on a combination of both native and web technologies used to build single-page applications. Such a development approach streamlines the build process since teams don’t have to build and maintain products for different platforms. This allows hybrid apps to take advantage of all the benefits offered by each technology while minimizing its drawbacks and efforts in development to suit different user requirements. Hybrid apps run through web browsers and are built for cross-platform functionality. 

How Enkonix Can Help

The cost of developing a custom mobile application relies on a combination of long-term goals, technical requirements and human resources to develop the application. In most scenarios, the composition of the development team has a direct effect on project timelines and is the biggest influencer on the overall budget. A common misconception is that cheaper cost relates to low-quality work. Well, that’s not always true. 

At Enkonix, we take pride in claiming that till date we have developed hundreds of custom mobile apps for several clients at the most reasonable price - with unmatched quality

If product quality is as important for you as is the cost, then Enkonix is the partner you need for your journey to digital transformation.

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Enkonix biedt volledige applicatie-ontwikkeling om organisaties te helpen zakelijke ideeën om te zetten in effectieve digitale producten.



We gebruiken moderne applicatie-ontwikkelingstools om zeer schaalbare en veilige apps te bouwen die een rijke klantervaring bieden. Voordat we een platform kiezen, zorgen we ervoor dat we de functies ervan met u bespreken en het platform kiezen dat uw doelstellingen ondersteunt.

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