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Het leveren van software van wereldklasse voor de vastgoedsector.

Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in de ontwikkeling van vastgoedsoftware, variërend van residentiële en commerciële platforms voor verkoop en verhuur tot oplossingen op maat voor makelaars

Wat we doen

We geven prioriteit aan ontwerp en bruikbaarheid om het leven van belangrijke belanghebbenden te verbeteren - van agenten, makelaars en leasemaatschappijen tot eigenaren en huurders van onroerend goed.

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Visualized is an American-based company that virtually exhibits homes. This service allows sellers to present their properties at their very best. This solution attracts more clients, as well as enabling agents to make a great first impression.

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Property Reviewed is a platform created for the needs of property owners and tenants in Australia. It provides reviews and rates about Australian real estate. The solution allows interaction with tenants, review of analytics and much more.

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* Kraftfulde ledelsesmæssige og tekniske færdigheder
* Motiveret af fuldstændig kundetilfredshed
* Tydeligt budget og tidslinjeansvar
* Fuld cyklus produktdesign og -udvikling
* Omhyggelige kontroller og test før lancering
* Tillidsbaseret, gennemsigtig kommunikation

Enkonix produced a platform with high-quality code. The involvement of leadership demonstrates the team’s commitment to the client’s satisfaction. Their detailed documentation enables transparent collaboration.

Mark Co-Founder at Visualized

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Why Does Choosing the Right Real Estate Software Development Company Matter?

Real estate software solutions come in all shapes and sizes, with many of them built for multiple users and use cases. From classic real estate platforms for buying and renting properties to custom solutions for owners, tenants, and realtors (like PropertyReviewed and Visualized), the user experience (UX), features, and backend functionality can vary wildly.

However, most real estate software development projects have the same thing in common: they require third-party integrations to fetch and manage vital data. And data is the lifeblood of real estate. Listings, locations, pricing, property management; they all depend on up-to-date information. 

Unfortunately, these integrations can be tricky — and are often reliant on outdated systems. That’s why choosing the right real estate software development company is so important.

Your development team must have experience with these complicated integrations to bring a viable solution to market, and keep it running smoothly well into the future. 

What About Cost? Do Low Rates = Low Project Costs?

Not necessarily. 

While it can be tempting to choose an inexpensive solution from a cheaper software development company, it could result in your project taking longer and costing more. 

The reason for this is simple. The most critical tasks are often handled by more senior developers; however, most of the foundational work is usually built by their junior counterparts. If the teams aren’t aligned, it can cause significant problems (and delays) when the time comes to merge their work. This is especially true if frontend and backend teams are working independently of one another.

To avoid this outcome, it makes sense to look beyond rates – even just momentarily – when making your decision. Paying more won’t always guarantee the quality you’re looking for with your real estate project either, so focusing on a company’s portfolio and development methodology is often the best way forward. 

Here at Enkonix, we may not be the cheapest around, but our prices reflect our industry experience and seamless workflow — something we’ve cultivated over many years and successful projects.

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